Patient getting a mammogram Sierra VistaMany women don’t realize that they still need to get mammograms after getting breast implants. Nearly half of the women who get breast implants are in their 20’s or early 30’s – meaning they have implants before needing to worry about mammograms or breast cancer risk.

Mammograms are important to detect breast cancer early. Your risk for breast cancer doesn’t change with implants (which relies heavily on age and family history), but implants should not make detection more difficult.

If your breast implants were placed above your pectoral muscle (which is less common), mammograms can be more complicated. The implants can obscure the image of a tumor. X-rays used in mammograms cannot see as well through saline or silicone. If you have implants, you should let the doctor know. Your doctor may take additional images or views to see the breast more clearly.


Many women are concerned about implant rupturing during a mammogram. This is extremely rare but is another reason you should let your doctor know if you have implants.

Women who have undergone a mastectomy should be aware that risk of breast cancer in the surviving breast is higher compared to women who have not had breast cancer and should still get mammograms or imaging as recommended.

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