What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Surgery is a highly effective treatment for the removal of certain types of skin cancer lesions. It is the most successful and precise technique for removing skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and even melanoma. This technique was designed to remove the entire tumor with minimal amounts of healthy tissue. The Mohs surgeon removes the tumor, then analyses it under a microscope to map and track any tumor cells that may spread.  This helps to provide minimal disfigurement and is ideal for cancers of the face, ears, nose, genitals, and more. Mohs Surgery is performed with local anesthesia thereby having fewer risks than with general anesthesia. Reconstruction after removal of the tumor is often done on the same day.

What Can I Expect After The Surgery?

After the surgery is completed, patients will have temporary bleeding, pain, or tenderness around the affected area. These symptoms can be treated with acetaminophen or other over the counter pain relievers and ice packs on the area for short periods of time. There can also be temporary numbness in the area. The surgical site will have a bandage on it when you leave the appointment which should stay on for 24-48 hours. Your physician will require you to avoid strenuous activity for 7-21 days and to avoid movements that involve bending. Patients may be given antibiotics to avoid the risk of infection as well. If your surgery requires sutures, they will be removed after 7 to 14 days.

How Long Is the Recovery?

Considering the above information, recovery time is relatively short. Most patients return to work within a day or two of the procedure, providing that their work is not strenuous and does not require a lot of bending. The surgical site should be covered with loose clothing and not with anything that will rub or put pressure on the site. Patients should take care to use sunscreen or to keep the area covered when their activities require them to be outdoors. Your doctor will give you detailed information on how to care for your skin after your surgery and will schedule follow up appointments to be sure that you are recovering successfully. In some extreme cases, patients may require follow-up reconstructive surgery which would increase the recovery time, but these recovery times vary by individual and the extent of their surgical requirements.

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Take The Next Step

Now that you know what your Mohs Surgery will involve, it is time to take the next step in treating your skin cancer. Dr. Weyer is a board certified dermatologist and fellowship trained mohs surgeon. He will inform you with a plan for treatment and recovery that best suits your individual needs. You can schedule a consultation by calling the Tucson office at 520-207-3100 or the Sierra Vista location at 520-458-1787.

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