With springtime here and summer quickly approaching, you may be thinking about what you need to do to get your body ready for your summer wardrobe. Short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, sleeveless blouses, and sleeveless sundresses will be hanging in everyone’s closets, just waiting to be worn. However, many people will be dreading the summer weather because they have excess skin or fat deposits on their upper arms that make them feel self-conscious enough to want to hide them. We’d like to encourage you to be proactive and pursue the possibility of scheduling an arm lift procedure so that you don’t have to hide those beautiful arms this summer!

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What Happens During an Arm Lift Procedure?

An Arm lift, also called Brachioplasty, reshapes the under portion of the upper arm, from the underarm to the elbow. These procedures are done under general anesthesia, so the procedure will be done in a surgical center or hospital rather than the physician’s office. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours to perform. When the extra skin is mainly confined to the upper part of the arm, a “mini” arm lift procedure can be done in which an incision is made from the armpit and the excess skin is pulled up and tucked in near the armpit. When the excess skin goes all the way to the elbow, it has to be removed, rather than tucked. In most cases, liposuction is done along with skin excision, this not only removes the excess fat but also helps to contour the arm for a sleek, new look. After the excess fatty tissue is removed, excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is stretched and sutured into place.

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How Much Does An Arm Lift Cost?

There are several factors that influence the cost of an arm lift procedure. The first part of the expense is the surgeon’s fee. The surgeon’s fee will vary primarily based on his or her experience. Be sure that you explore the surgeon’s credentials/certifications, view their patient reviews, and even view their online galleries to see if the results of their work is compatible with the results you are seeking. In the case of the surgeon, choosing the lowest fee is not always best.

The second factor that influences the cost of an arm lift procedure is the type of procedure that is done. If the extra skin is mainly confined to the upper part of the arm and a “mini” arm lift procedure is done, then the cost will be lower than if the excess skin goes all the way from armpit to elbow and liposuction is also required. Once you have your in-person consultation, your plastic surgeon will be able to clearly define what type of procedure will be needed and the specific cost of that procedure.

The third factor that influences the cost of an arm lift procedure is the geographic location of the office where you will have your procedure. This is because the cost of living in various cities, states, and regions varies somewhat across the nation.

With these factors in mind, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that in 2018, the average cost of an arm lift procedure was $4482. This price was just based on the surgeon’s fees and did not include other costs, such as medical tests, anesthesia, operating rooms, prescriptions, or post-surgical garments.  Arm lift procedures are considered elective procedures and are not covered by insuranceThe patient will be responsible for the total cost of the procedure, but because of this, payment plans may be an option for each patient. The very best way to discover the specific cost of your procedure is to schedule an in-person consultation with the surgeon.

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