SkinCancerChecklist-Sierra Vista

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Knowing your own skin and your normal pattern of moles, freckles, and blemishes is important to finding skin cancer early. Early detection is the best way to prevent melanoma from becoming a serious problem.

So, how often should you get a skin cancer check? The first signs of skin cancer can appear in one or more atypical moles. It is extremely important to get to know your skin and recognize any changes in the moles on your body. Individuals should check their moles on a monthly basis for any changes. Dr. Christopher Weyer recommends taking a picture of your moles to keep track of any changes over time.

Look for the ABCDE’s:

  • asymmetry (A)
  • changes in border(B)
  • changes in color (C)
  • changes in diameter (D)
  • or any evolving moles(E).

If a particular mole displays one or more of these signs or changes, you should consult a dermatologist for evaluation.

Those with high-risk factors of skin cancer like fair skin, history of using tanning beds or bad sunburns, and those with a family history of skin cancer should see a dermatologist about once a year. Everyone should get a skin check at least once to understand what existing moles and freckles are normal and which ones should be watched.

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