Some women, for many reasons, find themselves unhappy with their breast implants. Many patients desire a different look or size than what was originally sought after. Revision surgery of the breast or implant removal can also be done for prior reconstructive or other cosmetic breast surgery.

Implant removal candidates include:

  • Women who are not satisfied with the size of their implants and may choose to go larger or smaller in size
  • Women who experience capsular contracture or leakage and rupture of the implant
  • Women who wish to exchange their implants from saline implants to silicone implants
  • Individuals who have problems with surgical placement or implant position
  • Women with implant asymmetry, where one implant sits higher than the other or is located too far medially or laterally from the other implant
  • Women who are unhappy or want removal for other reasons

Women with a breast cancer diagnosis and the implants may interfere with her treatment

implant removal before after Sierra Vista

Implant Removal

To remove the implants, the same incisions as your original procedure can often be used. If you’re suffering from capsular contracture, your doctor will remove the hardened capsules to facilitate healing. If your skin has been left stretched or saggy after removing the implant, a breast lift can be performed at the same time as removal. This involves removing excess skin and tightening the tissue to provide better support. Your surgeon may also resize your areolas to better fit the breasts’ new shape.

If your implants are causing unhappiness, pain, or if you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and you’d like to have them removed, there are several options.

Take the Next Steps

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