An earlobe repair procedure can correct a torn, ripped, drooping, or stretched out or gauged earlobe. Earlobe tears from trauma, poor piercing techniques, or heavy earrings are common in men and women and many patients wish to correct their earlobes.

Earlobe repair surgery varies by person, depending on the patient’s aesthetic concerns and the state of his or her earlobe. During an earlobe repair procedure, which can take about an hour, a surgeon will make an incision, remove excess skin, connect two sides of the earlobe, and reshape the lobe. One way of correcting this surgically is to remove the tissue that has been stretched or torn using a pie type or V-shaped excision. Sometimes by removing the epithelialized or skin portion of the inner circle, this can be used to create small skin flaps to reconstruct the earlobe. Typically after either of the techniques, it is not uncommon to have a slight decrease in the overall size of the earlobe.

After surgery, you may feel discomfort and throbbing in the earlobes and they may be swollen and tender. You should avoid sleeping on the ear for the first few days but can return to normal activities almost immediately. Sutures will dissolve or be removed after a few days. The scar will be a fine line that will fade around 6-12 months. It is not recommended to re-gauge the earlobes but you may re-pierce.

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