Summertime is upon us and it’s time to pull out the tank tops, sundresses, sleeveless shirts, and bathing suits. Summertime is also the time we begin to notice those flabby upper arms again. Whether you have had a significant weight loss or your arms are just losing elasticity due to the natural aging process, flabby looking arms can be embarrassing and rob you of your self-confidence. But don’t suffer alone or hide under layers of hot clothing because there is definitely help for those droopy arms. At Dermatology and Plastic Surgery of Arizona, we would like to recommend an Arm Lift to help you with those arms.

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What Happens During an Arm Lift Procedure?

Arm lift procedures are done under general anesthesia, so the procedure will be done in a surgical center or hospital rather than the physician’s office. The entire procedure takes approximately 2 hours to perform. If the extra skin is mainly confined to the upper part of the arm, a “mini” arm lift procedure can be done in which an incision is made from the armpit and the excess skin is pulled up and tucked in near the armpit. If the excess skin goes all the way to the elbow, it has to be removed, rather than tucked. In many cases, liposuction is done along with skin excision, this not only removes the excess fat but also helps to contour the arm for a sleek, new look. After the excess fatty tissue is removed, excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is stretched and sutured into place.

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How Is the Recovery?

After the Arm Lift is completed, patients wake up with bandages on the surgical site. Compression garments are also placed around the arms to help to reduce swelling and to help the tissue grow and adhere in its new position. Drains may also be used to remove fluid from underneath the surgical site. 

The recovery time for an arm lift is generally 4 weeks long and during this time, patients are asked to avoid strenuous activities. Patients who have jobs that do not require any heavy physical exertion are often ready to return to work after the first or second week. Patients with jobs requiring more physical exertion may be asked to wait an additional week or two before returning to their jobs. During follow-up visits, patients will be advised on when to return to other activities such as daily household routines and exercise regimens. 

With the relatively short recovery time and the massive benefits of looking and feeling your best and most confident, we think that the Arm Lift procedure is the best treatment for flabby upper arms.

“Professional and friendly atmosphere. Was treated with respect by everyone I encountered and, was in and out in no time at all. Sad to say but highly unusal in my experience with most medical offices to be taken care of so quickly! Great job and I will happily refer friends and relatives to this facility!”


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