Having a breast augmentation involves some necessary planning. A large majority of women are currently in the workforce and need to have enough accumulated leave time for their procedures and others have children at home to care for and need to plan for their care for the appropriate amount of time. Before you have your breast augmentation surgery, here are some things to consider about your recovery time.

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What Is Recovery from Breast Augmentation Like?

Every situation is unique depending on the incision size, the chosen implant, and the body’s natural healing process so there is no exact timeline for recovery. With that in mind, most surgeons agree that full recovery takes place in approximately 6-8 weeks. Some women will feel back to normal sooner than that, but your surgeon will be able to assess your needs and give you a more specific timeline.

When you awaken from surgery, you will have bandages and a surgical bra on the surgical site. You will be required to wear a soft stretchy bra without an underwire at all times following the surgery. This provides stability, aids in circulation, and assists with proper drainage. You will be asked to avoid sleeping on your stomach or on your side in any way that puts pressure on your breasts. There is typically some swelling and bruising after the procedure and the first few days will be the most uncomfortable.  You will need to stay home from work and have as little responsibility for your household operations during these first few days. 

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After the first week of recovery, women are encouraged to slowly get back into a light normal daily routine. You will be required to refrain from strenuous activities and any activity that involves bouncing movements, such as running and jumping. 

Patients with jobs that require light to minimal activity can return to work during the first or second week. Women with jobs that require strenuous activity should stay out of work for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Dr. Moenster will evaluate your progress after the first few weeks and be able to see how well your healing has progressed. Most breast augmentation patients can return to work and normal activities after the fourth week of recovery. Patients will generally be completely recovered and cleared for all activities by 8 weeks.

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