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Plastics comes from the Greek word Plastikos meaning to mold or reshape. Plastic surgery involves the repair, replacement, and reconstruction of form and function involving the entire body with focuses on skin and burns, craniofacial, breast, trunk, hand and soft tissue of the extremities. It also includes cosmetic and aesthetic procedures and surgeries.

Facial Surgery

Skin of the face and neck lose elasticity as one ages. Underlying muscles lose tone and overall volume decreases. Aging of the face and neck is magnified by sun exposure, weight gain or loss, gravity, and genetics. Fortunately, an array of facial enhancement procedures available at Dermatology & Plastic Surgery of Arizona can renew and improve the most visible signs of aging with effective, long-lasting results. With facelift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and many non-surgical options, Dr. Jamie Moenster can rejuvenate signs of aging and improve contours of facial features.   

Breast Surgery

Surgical breast enhancement from Dr. Jamie Moenster can help achieve your desired look. Whether you are looking to add volume and fullness to your breasts, restore a more youthful contour, reduce the size of your breasts or restore the look and feel of the breast after a mastectomy, Dr. Moenster can perform breast surgery that can give you beautiful, natural looking results. 

Body Surgery

Body surgery options from Dermatology & Plastic Surgery of Arizona can remove excess fat deposits, tighten and firm up areas of loose skin, and give your body a more youthful appearance. Offering a variety of body procedures, such as tummy tuck surgery for a flatter looking stomach area and liposuction to reduce fat pockets, Dr. Jamie Moenster can help you attain your goals with results that look natural.

For Men

The benefits of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement are becoming more apparent to men. More men are taking advantage of the range of cosmetic procedures that can help them recontour their bodies and enhance their faces. These changes can give men more confidence on the job and in the social setting. Dr. Jamie Moenster offers treatments designed to help men achieve a more sculpted abdomen, diminish excess fat or recontour the chest to reduce the effects of gynecomastia. With male plastic surgery procedures, a younger looking you is within reach.  

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