Acne is often thought of as a teenage problem, but the fact is that many adults suffer from acne, too. So what causes adult acne? While the root cause may be different for each person, there are some general culprits that are known to contribute to adult acne. Read on to learn more about them – and how you can treat your adult acne.

What Causes Adult Acne?

Adult Acne is caused by an overproduction of oil on the skin’s surface combined with sloughed-off cells which leads to pore blockages. Bacteria multiplies in these blockages causing inflammation resulting in acne breakouts. Acne is most often associated with puberty, however, can happen at any time due to stress/hormonal changes occurring simultaneously while genetic factors may also contribute. Certain medications may also cause acne flare ups.

Due to fluctuating hormones, women may experience acne due to any of the following reasons:

  • During pregnancy and menopause
  • Around their menstrual cycle
  • Starting birth control pills

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Acne Treatment Options

Acne treatment takes commitment to your skincare regimen and a bit of patience. Topical treatments such as retinoids (vitamin A creams), benzoyl peroxides, Sulfur based products and topical antibiotics are used to help treat mild cases of acne. If oral antibiotics are prescribed (doxycycline or minocycline), it may be used in low doses to control inflammation. Because they do not act on bacteria in that dose, they can be safely used long term as they don’t affect the skin or gut microbiome. Additionally, women who experience premenstrual flares may also be given spironolactone pills. These pills are often used in conjunction with topical skincare treatments, to manage moderate to severe acne.

For severe acne cases, isotretinoin, also known as Accutane may be prescribed. Isotretinoin is the only medication approved for severe cystic and scarring acne, which is the most serious form of acne.

BLU-U Light Therapy is another treatment option which is fast, safe, painless, and effective. This treatment improves skin and breakouts by destroying the bacteria that causes acne.

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