Looking to add volume or shape to your rear? A Brazilian Butt Lift has gained popularity, becoming a more common cosmetic procedure to create more fullness in your backside through fat transfer. Unlike a traditional Butt Lift utilizing a silicone implant and removal of skin to enhance the butt, today’s Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own fat to add volume to your buttocks for a more natural look. 

Brazilian butt lift Tucson

What Happens During the BBL Procedure

Board- Certified, female Plastic Surgeon  Dr. Jamie Moenster will sculpt your body to remove unwanted fat through liposuction from other areas such as your thighs, stomach, and back. The fat is then processed and placed back into your buttocks. Fat grafting enhances the shape for a younger, lifted butt. A Brazilian Butt Lift is good for those who are looking to add volume to their backside or hips. If your concern is excess, sagging skin in your rear, a traditional Butt Lift may be better to address those concerns.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift delivers a more natural-looking aesthetic and creates more roundness in your backside. It is also recommended if you have figure imbalances that make it difficult to wear clothing comfortably. While adding volume to your backside, another added benefit of a Brazilian Butt Lift is that it also reduces fat in other undesired areas, giving you a tighter and more trim waist. The Brazilian Butt Lift restores your body’s proportions, while enhancing curves.

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Length of Surgery

A Brazilian Butt Lift is about a 2-hour procedure, depending on the areas undergoing Liposuction and fat being transferred. Patients typically return to work within one week of surgery and resume normal activities within four weeks post-surgery. There are minor risks related to a Brazilian Butt Lift, including contour irregularities and some fat loss in the buttocks post-surgery. Your surgeon will add more volume to make up for the fat loss that may occur. For a perkier derriere, a Brazilian Butt Lift will enhance your curves while still giving you a natural and subtle look.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jamie and her entire staff. They are the kindest most caring people I think I have ever met as far as health care providers and made us feel very comfortable from the start. No questions went unanswered and we felt very confident in choosing them for our needs. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!


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