In recent years there has been a huge emphasis on improving the cost and overall quality of healthcare in the United States. As a result, surgery centers have begun opening up in greater numbers. What are surgery centers and why should you consider using one?

What is a Surgery Center?

Surgery centers are health care facilities that are licensed, free-standing and often physician-owned. They give same-day surgical care and often specialize in certain types of surgery. They are skilled in giving high-quality surgeries at a lower price point than hospitals can offer.

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There are many advantages to Surgery Centers, beginning in the parking lot and waiting room. Since surgery centers are free-standing facilities, they often have smaller parking lots than large hospitals and therefore offer convenient and free parking to the patients and guests.

The waiting areas are well-maintained and the knowledgeable office staff members often know the physicians and procedures exceptionally well because they work with the same surgeons on a daily basis.

In hospitals, trauma victims are often brought into the emergency room with critical needs that result in scheduled patients having their surgeries delayed or rescheduled completely. Surgery centers offer more convenient scheduling and experience less bumped or rescheduled procedures.

From a safety standpoint, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the instances of surgical site infections are less in surgical centers than in hospitals. The best news for consumers comes from the Orthopedic Review journal that estimated that the average patient saves from 45-57% just by electing to have their out-patient surgeries in a Surgery Center instead of a traditional hospital.


Your surgeon will carefully consider your health before recommending that you have a procedure in a surgery center. They take into consideration your overall health, your age, your fitness level (not obese on BMI charts), and the type of surgery to be performed. If they feel you are a good candidate for surgery in an outpatient surgical center, they will make that recommendation to you. However, if you are over 65 years of age, obese, have a history of heart attack or stroke, have hypertension or lung disease, your surgeon will often recommend that your procedure is done in a traditional hospital where they can offer you intensive care or general overnight care should an emergency occur during surgery. Your surgeon will discuss all of your options and concerns with you and guide you in making the best and safest decision.

The Coronado Surgery Center of ArizonaCoronado Surgery Center Sierra Vista

Coronado Surgery Center of Arizona is an outpatient surgical center that is physician-owned and features a variety of specialties. This 4000 square foot suite was established in 2017 to best serve our patients in a cutting-edge, caring environment. With two operating rooms, highly trained and skilled surgeons, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and friendly, knowledgeable staff, our patients get the best in outpatient surgeries in a convenient setting.

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Now that you are ready to have your surgery in an amazing, money-saving environment, it’s time to ask your doctor about the Coronado Surgery Center of Arizona. Read more about the center on their webpage or call with inquiries or to schedule a visit (520) 335-8450.