As we grow older the natural fat in our face begins to deteriorate resulting in sagging skin, wrinkles, and a reduction in the overall volume. When we look in the mirror it becomes more and more noticeable over time, leaving each of us wondering when time began to catch up with us. If you’ve ever looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin, then you should know that with Restylane Lyft and an appointment with the experts at Dermatology and Plastic Surgery of Arizona, you can be well on your way to beautifully full cheeks!

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What Is Restylane Lyft?

Restylane Lift is a non-surgical, FDA approved facial filler that adds volume to the cheeks and mid-face area. It contains hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, and water. The hyaluronic acid and water combine to add volume upon injection, while the lidocaine reduces the pain from injections. In a short 10 minute procedure, Restylane Lyft is injected into the cheeks and mid-face to add fullness to the cheeks and smooth out wrinkles and folds that reach from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Fullness in this area of the face will restore youthful contours and smooth out those troubling fine lines and wrinkles.

After the treatment, patients may experience bruising, redness, swelling, pain, or itching at the injection sites, but this will resolve within two weeks. Most patients, however, return to work and activities immediately after the procedure. You will begin seeing the subtle, natural-looking results shortly after the injections and these results can last from 12 to 18 months.

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Who Is a Good Candidate For Restylane Lyft?

You may be the perfect candidate for Restylane Lyft if you feel that the loss of volume in your face is negatively affecting your appearance. It can be used effectively by both men and women. With the Restylane Lyft, full correction can be accomplished in one visit and most people will require two syringes, making this a perfect treatment for busy people who would love quick results with no downtime.

The staff was very welcoming from my initial call to my office visit. The nurse and nurse practitioner were great. They made me comfortable and explained everything in detail. Glad I chose this practice.

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The very best way to determine whether Restylane Lift is right for you is by taking the next step and schedule a consultation with the amazing team at Dermatology & Plastic Surgery of Arizona. Simply fill out the form on this page or call our Tucson location at 520-207-3100 or our Sierra Vista location at 520-458-1787. We look forward to helping you on your journey to achieving a younger and more refreshed look.